SAFE Rent a Car / Long term rentals

At SAFE Rent a Car you can drive the best rental car. Your selling agent will guide you through and help you opt for the best leasing period (1-5) years, and help you select a long-term rental with or without buying option, saving your time and resources.

Why rental?

  • Lower monthly installments;
  • Vehicles are available to more people;
  • No legal limits to the salary;
  • Vehicles are not recorded as fixed assets;
  • Rentals are recorded as expenses, and VAT is recorded as pre-tax.;
  • Lower income tax.

Benefits of lease VS financing car

Car rental is an agreement between a lessee and lessor, allowing a lessee to use the vehicle a property of a lessor by providing monthly payment as stated on the rental agreement.

Vehicle Rate / Monthly Km included
Škoda Fabia 1.2 430 € 3.000 km
Fiat 500L 1.4 550 € 3.000 km
Ford Focus 1.6 600 € 3.000 km
Lada Niva 660 € 3.000 km
Chevrolet Aveo automatic 690 € 3.000 km
Porsche Cayenne 2.400 € 3.000 km

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